Millie Goes to a Wedding
Millie 參加婚禮

One Saturday morning.
“Millie, you are going to a wedding,” the garage Boss said.
“A wedding?” Millie was excited, she had never been to a wedding before.
“Yes, you are going to deliver the bride to the church. Ben and Colin will go to help as well.”
“Millie,你去參加一個婚禮,” 修車廠的老闆說。
“婚禮?” Millie 很興奮,她從來沒去過婚禮。
“是的,你要載新娘去教堂。 Ben 和 Colin 也一起去幫忙。”

Mr Harvey’s daughter was getting married that morning, but the river had flooded after three days of heavy rain earlier in the week. All three cars carrying the Harvey family and friends were stuck in the soft mushy riverbank. The wedding was in less than an hour, and there was no hope of getting all the cars out of the mud in time. Millie had to hurry. Millie’s driver tied two white satin ribbons on Millie, and sprayed rose scent perfume inside the minibus. Millie felt very special and important.
哈維先生的女兒那天早上要結婚了,但那個星期經過3天的大雨後河水上漲淹到岸邊了。 載著哈維的家人和朋友的三台車都被卡在軟綿綿的河岸邊。婚禮在一個小時之內就要舉行了,想及時將所有的車都從泥巴裡拖出來是沒希望了。 Millie 要趕緊點兒。 Millie 的司機給 Millie 綁了兩條白緞帶,也在迷你巴士裡面噴了玫瑰香水。 Millie 感到非常特別也很重要。

There was no time to lose, so Ben led the way and Colin and Millie followed behind. They arrived at the riverbank quickly and saw the problem. The wheels of all three cars had sunk deeply in the soft riverbank and everyone was sitting inside with a worried face; they could not get out without stepping into the deep mud. Ben and Colin could tow the cars to firm ground, but not with people in them. Besides, muddy cars were really not fit for a wedding.
時間一刻也不容緩,所以Ben 在前面開路、 Colin 和Millie 跟在後面。 他們很快地就到了河岸邊也看到問題所在。 三台車的輪子都深深地埋入河岸邊柔軟的土裡而坐在車裡面的每個人都帶著憂愁的臉色;他們要下車出來不可能避免踩進泥巴裡。 Ben 和 Colin 能把卡住的車子拖到堅實的地面,但沒辦法連車裡的人也一起拖。 此外,沾滿泥巴的車真的不適合婚禮。

Fortunately, Millie’s driver had come prepared, he had brought a piece of old carpet for people to walk on across the muddy ground without getting their shoes or clothes dirty. After all the Harvey family and friends were transferred to Millie, Millie said goodbye to Ben and Colin and headed straight to the church, while Ben and Colin were left to deal with the muddy cars.
幸運的是, Millie 的司機有備而來,他帶了一塊舊地毯讓大家走過泥巴地卻不必讓鞋子或衣服弄髒。 當哈維的所有家人和朋友都移到Millie 的車裡後, Millie 跟 Ben 和 Colin 說再見接著就往教堂直奔,而 Ben 和 Colin 則留下來處理那些沾滿泥巴的車。

Millie arrived at the church with five minutes to spare, and she was pleased to see everyone had a smile on their face. The wedding ceremony was held on time and the bridegroom was especially grateful to Millie for her help. The newly-wed couple had a photo taken with Millie, and invited Millie and her driver to join in the wedding reception. Millie felt very honoured. Mr Harvey even gave her a big piece of wedding cake to share with the friends in the garage.
Millie 趕到了教堂時還綽綽有餘提早了五分鐘,她很高興地看到每個人的臉上的都帶著笑容。 婚禮儀式準時舉行而新郎特別感激 Millie 的幫忙。 新婚夫婦與 Millie 合影留念,並邀請 Millie 和她的司機參加婚宴。 Millie 感到非常光榮。 哈維先生甚至給 Millie 一大塊結婚蛋糕讓修車廠裡的朋友分享。

Millie had such an amazing day that she couldn’t stop talking about it that night after she returned from the wedding reception.
“Did you have a good look at my lovely satin ribbons? And that gorgeous perfume, everyone loved the smell…” Millie started.
“You should see the poor wedding cars stuck in the mud and…” she continued.
“The bride in her silk dress was so beautiful, and the groom, he was really handsome, they invited …” she still continued.
“It was a great wedding!” Millie finally concluded with a satisfied note.
“Yes, goodnight Millie,” everybody said with a yawn.
It was silent at last. But, suddenly, Millie started again,
“I wonder where they went for their honeymoon.”
Millie 渡過了那麼精彩的一天、從婚宴回來後的那晚她就忍不住一直在說個沒完。
“你有沒仔細看我那可愛的緞帶啊? 還有那豪華的香水,大家都好喜愛那香味 … ” Millie 開始說。
“你要是看到那可憐的婚禮車卡在泥巴裡,還有......” 她繼續說著。
“新娘穿著她的絲綢婚紗禮服是那麼漂亮,而新郎,他真的帥極了,他們邀請 …” 她仍然繼續說著。
“那真是個美妙的婚禮!” Millie 終於滿意地結束。
“是的,晚安 Millie,” 大家打個哈欠說。
終於沉默了下來。 但是,突然地, Millie 又開始了,

Key words 關鍵字

deliver 遞送
flooded 淹水
mushy 軟綿綿的
spray 噴
perfume 香水
no time to lose 一刻也不容緩
riverbank 河岸邊
firm 堅實的/ 硬的
Besides 此外
across 走過/ 橫過
transfer 轉移
straight 直接地
deal with 處理
ceremony 典禮
reception 宴會
honoured 光榮的
amazing 精彩的 / 很有趣的
gorgeous 漂亮的 / 燦爛的
conclude 結束
satisfied 滿意的
yawn 哈欠
honeymoon 蜜月