Clare the Cherry Picker
吊籃起重機 CLARE

“Clare, this job definitely is for you,” said the garage Boss as she came into the yard, “the cherries in the Riverside Garden need picking.”
“What? Picking cherries? I might be a cherry picker but I am certainly not a little cherry-picking lady!” Clare thought the Boss was joking.
“Go, Clare, you’ll see what’s needed when you get there; they are waiting for you right now,” the Boss looked serious but with a little smile.
“Come on, Clare, let’s go and pick some cherries for a pie,” Clare’s driver laughed. Unwillingly, Clare slowly drove out of the yard.
“Clare,這個工作絕對是要你來作的,” 修車廠老闆走進廠裡時說, “河畔莊園的櫻桃需要採了。”
“什麼? 採櫻桃? 我雖是個 “Cherry Picker” (吊籃起重機) (註1),但我絕對不是個採櫻桃的小女郎!” Clare 認為老闆是在開玩笑。
“去吧, Clare ,你到那邊就知道需要做什麼了, 現在他們正等著你呢,” 老闆看來一本正經的卻帶著一點微笑。
“來吧, Clare , 我們走吧、 去採些櫻桃作派餅,” Clare 的司機笑著說。
Clare 不情不願地慢慢開出了車廠。

“Shall we take the pretty lane along the river, Clare?” Her driver asked.
“Alright, but those willow trees are a bit nuisance though.”
“Because they tickle my basket.”
“Ah, willow trees do grow very fast, Clare.”
“我們沿著河畔開那條美麗的小道好嗎, Clare?” 她的司機問。
“啊,柳樹的確長得非常快的, Clare。”

The Riverside Garden was in sight after a short while; they turned into the cherry garden. It looked like there was a bumper crop on the cherry trees. Clare’s driver got out of his cab and asked the Manager of the Garden what needed to be done, then he came back and said, “We got to give them a big haircut, Clare.”
沒多久就看到河畔莊園了,他們轉入櫻桃園。看起來是個櫻桃大豐收。 Clare 的司機從他的駕駛室出來,問莊園經理有什麼需要做的事,然後他回來 (對 Clare ) 說, “我們得給它們來個大理髮, Clare。”

“Give who? Haircut? What do they think I am? A hairdresser?” Clare was annoyed now, “What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they know what a cherry picker is for? Really! This is a bit silly.”
“Come on, Clare, no time to lose, we have to start near to the riverbank, so be careful.”
Just as Clare was going to protest, her driver said, “The willow trees along the bank have grown too big, they are tangled with the cherry trees and the gardeners can’t pick the cherries without getting caught in the willow branches; so we’re going to trim the willows.”
“Oh…, them, I thought…” Clare calmed down.
“給誰? 理髮? 他們把我當成什麼了啊? 理髮師嗎?” Clare 現在可惱了,” 這些人到底有什麼不對勁呢? 難道他們不知道吊籃起重機是什麼嗎? 真是的! 這簡直是有點笨。”
“來吧, Clare ,不能再浪費時間了,我們得從靠近河岸邊開始,所以要小心。”
當 Clare 正要抗議,她的司機說, “沿岸的柳樹已經長得太大了,它們和櫻桃樹糾纏在一起、園工採櫻桃就免不了被柳樹枝卡住; 所以我們要給柳樹修剪一下。”
“喔 ….,它們啊,我以為 ….” Clare 冷靜了下來。

Some workers were ready to start; one of them, carrying a chainsaw, stepped into Clare’s basket and fastened his safety harness. Slowly Clare stretched her jib higher so that he could cut the willow branches safely. Other workers on the ground were in charge of sawing the big branches up and taking them away. After two hours of noisy work, the line of willow trees along the riverbank had a very different look. They were slimmer and much shorter. The Manager was pleased; several people with baskets had already started picking the cherries.
有些工作人員已經準備好要開始了,其中有一人,手拿著電鋸,跨進 Clare 的籃子裡、繫好他的安全帶。 Clare 慢慢伸長她的吊臂抬高好讓他可以安全地剪掉柳樹枝。 其他在地面上的工作人員負責將大塊的樹枝鋸小然後拿走。 經過兩小時嘈雜的工作之後,沿著河岸的一排柳樹的面貌就變得很不一樣了。 它們苗條些也低矮多了。 經理很高興; 幾個拿著籃子的員工已經開始在採櫻桃了。

“That was a nice haircut for them, Clare, see, you are a good hairdresser!” Clare’s driver joked. Clare was silent, wondering if they were going to ask her to pick cherries next.
The Manager came over with a basket full of cherries, to thank Clare and her driver for their work; Clare wondered why he didn’t mention about the cherry-picking job.
Along the river on their way back to the garage. Clare’s driver said, “These willow trees could do with a haircut too, don’t you think, Clare?”
“Definitely!” Clare agreed.
When they arrived at the garage; Clare carefully asked, “About that cherry-picking job, are we finished …?”
“Oh, that, yes, and we have got this basket of cherries,” he popped a juicy cherry into his mouth, “this should be enough for a pie!”
“它們可都理了個滿讚的頭呢, Clare ,瞧吧,你還真是個很棒的理髮師呢!” Clare 的司機開玩笑說。
Clare 沉默不語,不知接下來他們是否會要她採櫻桃。
經理帶著滿滿一籃子櫻桃走過來,感謝 Clare 和她的司機所作的工作; Clare 不知道他為什麼沒有提及採櫻桃的事。
沿著河回修車廠的路上。 Clare 的司機說,“這些柳樹也該理個髮吧,你不認為嗎, Clare?”
“的確!” Clare 同意。
當他們到達修車廠; Clare 小心翼翼地問,“關於採櫻桃的工作,我們完成了嗎... ...?”
“哦,那個啊,是啊,而且我們還得到這籃子的櫻桃呢,” 他塞了一個多汁的櫻桃進嘴裡, “這該夠作個派餅了!”

英文 Cherry Picker :意指 “吊籃起重機”,也指 “採櫻桃的人” (櫻桃果園經常僱用年輕女性,因女性薪資較低,又因櫻桃多汁皮薄,女性手指用力較輕巧。)

Key words 關鍵字 :
cherry picker 吊籃起重機
definitely 確定地
serious 正經的 / 嚴肅的
unwillingly 不情不願地
nuisance 討厭
tickle 搔癢
a bumper crop 大豐收
cab (大卡車的) 駕駛室 / 計程車
hairdresser 理髮師 / 美髮師
annoyed 氣惱的
protest 抗議
tangled with 糾纏在一起
calmed down 冷靜下來
chainsaw 電鋸
fasten 綁 / 繫
harness 安全帶
stretch 伸長
jib (起重機的) 吊臂
silent 安靜的
mention 提到
pop 塞入