Colin’s Special Job

“Come on Colin,” said Colin’s driver, who was carrying a little basket in his hand, “we have a very special job today.”
“Wow!” Colin the Crane was excited, “what is it?”
“You’ll see when we get there.”
“跟我來,Colin,” Colin的司機說,手裡提著一個小籃子, “我們今天有個非常特別的工作。”
“哇!” 起重機Colin很興奮,“是什麼啊?”

Colin’s driver climbed into Colin’s cab, started the engine and off they went. Soon they arrived in a street lined with houses. Tall trees grew at the edge of the pavement. A small group of people were gathered round one of the trees, looking up and pointing.

“What’s going on? What are they doing?” asked Colin.
“They’re looking at a cat stuck up that tree,” said Colin’s driver.
“Oh! Silly cat!” said Colin, laughing. “Still, we haven’t got time to hang around. Let’s go to our job.”
“This is our job! Colin, we’re going to rescue that cat, his name’s Tommy,” said Colin’s driver.
“What?” said Colin with disbelief, “shouldn’t we get Clare the Cherry Picker? She is good at picking little things up!”
“She’s on another job, Colin, it’s just you and me, come on!”
“Saving a little cat, indeed!” Colin mumbled.
“怎麼回事啊?他們在做什麼啊?” Colin問。
“他們正在看那隻卡在那樹上的貓,” Colin的司機說。
“哦!笨貓!” Colin笑著說。 “可是我們沒時間在這兒閒蕩。我們去做我們的工作吧。”
“這就是我們的工作! Colin,我們要拯救那隻貓,他叫Tommy,” Colin的司機說。
“什麼?” Colin難以置信地說,“我們是不是該找吊籃升降平台車Clare來?撿取小東西她是最行的。”
“拯救一隻小貓,真是不像話!” Colin咕噥著。

Colin’s driver shouted: “Make way! Make way!” as he moved Colin closer to the tree. Finally Colin could see Tommy right up in the top of the tree. Tommy was making little frightened noises and shivering. Colin’s driver got out and attached the basket to the hook of Colin’s crane. The crowd moved back to a safe distance as Colin raised his jib. This seemed to frighten Tommy and he moved a little further up. The crowd held their breath.

“Come on Tommy, here kitty-kitty,” said Colin as he tried again. This time Tommy did not move and allowed Colin’s jib to get near him.
“Into the basket Tommy, there’s a good boy,” said Colin’s driver and Tommy did just that, jumping into the basket. Carefully Colin lowered the cat to the ground as the crowd cheered.
“來啊Tommy,貓咪-貓咪來這兒,” 當Colin再次試著說。這次Tommy沒有移動又讓Colin的鐵臂接近他。 “到籃子來Tommy,乖乖好男孩, ” Colin的司機說著而Tommy也乖乖照著做,跳進籃子裡了。當Colin小心地把貓降落到地上時人群歡呼起來。

Tommy’s owner came over to thank Colin and his driver. Soon they were back on the road again, but Colin couldn’t stop sneezing.
“What’s the matter, Colin?” asked Colin’s driver, “do you have a cold?”
“No, I don’t think so,” said Colin, sneezing again.
“Oh,” said Colin’s driver, “you might be allergic to cats!”
“Oh well,” said Colin, “make sure Clare does this sort of job next time then!”
“你怎麼了,Colin? ” Colin的司機問, “你感冒了嗎?”
“不是,我想不是吧,” Colin說,又打著噴嚏。
“喔, ” Colin的司機說, “你可能是對貓過敏喔!”
“喔,嗯,” Colin說, “那下次像這種事確定叫Clare作吧!”

Key words 關鍵字 :
special 特別的
engine 引擎
pavement 人行道
stuck 被卡住
hang around 閒蕩
disbelief 懷疑 / 不相信
mumble 咕噥
shout 叫喊
make way 讓路
frighten 驚嚇
noise 噪音
shiver 顫抖
attach 附屬
hook 鉤
crane 起重機
crowd 人群
distance 距離
raise 提高
jib 臂 (機器的臂)
further 更遠的 / 更高的
breath 氣息 (呼吸)
allow 允許
cheer 歡呼
owner 主人 / 擁有人
sneeze 打噴嚏
allergic 過敏的